What is Hyperdontia and who can treat it?

Hyperdontia or supernumerary teeth, is an oral condition characterized by the eruption of extra teeth that are not supposed to be present, normally.

A child is born with 20 milk teeth (baby teeth), which are replaced by 32 permanent ones. This condition arises when excess teeth erupt along with the regular number. The occurrence of a single extra tooth is common but the prevalence of supernumerary teeth is also a probable ailment.

What are its causes?

The cause of this disease is still unknown but dentist associate it to genetics or conditions like cleft palate, Ehler-Danos and Gardner syndrome. Hyperdontia is rare condition that is observed in below 4% population of the world.

Risks if the disorder is left untreated:

Overcrowding of teeth can lead to poor dental hygiene and increases the risk to be susceptible to cysts or oral cancer, If the extra teeth cause hindrance in the eruption of the normal ones, it is necessary to undergo an orthodontic treatment.

How do you get treated?

There are numerous dental clinics in Apex and Cary, North Carolina that treat the disease. The process involves the removal of the extra tooth or teeth by the dentist in Apex. Surgical extraction is conducted in cases where the tooth lies below the gum. The diagnosis can be done through a dental examination or X-ray. Visit your Apex dentist immediately to understand the severity of your condition and find the best treatment plan.


All About Dental Implants

Dental implants essentially involve the replacement of tooth roots. They offer a solid foundation for permanent as well as removable teeth which are matched to the natural teeth.

There are various advantages of Dental Implants. Some of them include the following:

  • Better Appearance: Dental implants give the appearance of your natural teeth. They are designed in a way so as to fuse with the bone and become permanent.
  • Enhanced Speech: Ill-fitting dentures can cause the teeth to slide within your mouth. This can lead to mumbling or slurring in the attempt to talk. With dental implants, you can speak without having to worry about your teeth slipping.
  • Improved Level of Comfort: Since implants naturally become a part of your teeth set, there is no discomfort as that experienced with removable dentures.
  • Ease in Eating: Chewing can be difficult with sliding dentures. However, dental implants work like your natural teeth. This allows you to cherish all kinds of foods without any pain or discomfort.

A huge advantage of dental implants is that they are highly durable and last for several years, maybe even a lifetime (if proper care is taken). There are a good number of dental clinics for dental implants in Cary, NC.


Tips for Taking Care of Whitened Teeth

Tips for Taking Care of Whitened Teeth

Teeth whitening procedures can make your teeth shine and give you a brilliant smile to flaunt. Such treatments, however, are not permanent and you may have to get them done at regular intervals of a few months to keep your teeth sparkling white. But if you do not care for your teeth after such treatments, you will end up staining your teeth very quickly and will have to repeat the treatments more often.

Tips to care for your teeth after whitening treatments

It is important to take care of whitened teeth as they may be more sensitive and prone to staining and yellowing right after the treatment. Dentists at Cary Dental share a few tips on what you should be careful about after teeth whitening treatments.

  •  Avoid consuming foods that can stain your teeth. These include coffee, red wine, blueberries and such other foods. If you consume any of these liquids, ensure to use a straw so they liquid does not come in contact with your teeth directly.
  •  Brush your teeth twice a day with a gentle soft toothbrush for at least two minutes each.
  • Also, rinse your mouth with a mouthwash immediately after eating sugary and staining foods.

Visit Cary Dental for whitening treatments and more tips on keeping your teeth white and healthy.


How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Scaled?

If you have been following a sound oral hygiene program, then regular flossing and whitening schedule at home will keep your teeth clean and free from problems like plaque. If you are part of a family dentistry in Cary, then ensure that the entire family undergoes annual scaling and teeth cleaning to remove build-up of plaque and calculus. Unclean teeth can lead to gum disease and early tooth loss in Cary NC as well as any other place. People between ages of 18-35 are affected by bad breath and swollen gums along with bleeding gums which are all early signs of teeth disease.

The good news is that when dentists perform scaling of your teeth on an annual basis in Preston, Cary, then any form of periodontal disease is treated in its early stages itself. This ensures that early treatment keeps the pain low and your treatment cost is also much lesser and you do not need any major cosmetic dentistry treatment.

If you have advanced gum disease then any Raleigh dental clinic you visit will advise you to keep cleaning appointments every three months until the problem is completely healed. Though a Cary dental hygienist is the best person to advise you about frequency of teeth scaling, you alone should maintain dental hygiene and take responsibility of your teeth.


Cary and Raleigh Dentists Tell You Why Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life

Cary and Raleigh Dentists Tell You Why Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life

We all love to spread cheer and one of the easiest ways to do that, is by smiling. Smiling can lighten up your mood, as well as the moods of people who come in contact with you. However, the value of your smile is directly proportional to the condition of your teeth. Having bad teeth automatically results in a poor quality smile. The reasons for bad teeth can be many, but there is only one solution to fix the problem. It’s called Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry can fix even the worst of teeth to create the best of smiles. Plus, it has several other associated benefits too.

The Benefits

According to dentists at Raleigh and Cary, NC, cosmetic dental procedures can have the following benefits:

  • They can boost a person’s self-confidence by correcting their defects.
  • They can improve overall health by correcting dental issues. For instance, conditions such as jaw pain caused by improper teeth can be cured by fixing the teeth.
  • They can provide peace of mind because the patient doesn’t have to worry about their appearance anymore.

Talk to Your Dentist

To know more about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and to known whether you need to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure, just talk to the dentists at Raleigh Dental and Cary Dental. They can provide all the details you need in order to make the right decision.


The Effect of Oral Health on Your Overall Health

Did you know that your oral health has a significant impact on your overall heath? To protect your family and yourself, you need to understand the intimate connection between your mouth and the body.

Your mouth is populated by an uncountable number of harmless bacteria and generally, regular brushing and flossing can keep these bacteria under control. But in case of poor oral hygiene, the increase in bacteria level may lead to tooth decay or any other gum disease. Also, the consumption of certain medications like painkillers and decongestants can reduce saliva flow inside the mouth leaving the mouth vulnerable to a microbial invasion which might develop into a disease.

Oral health and related issues

Oral health may affect, or might get affected by, your overall health and hygiene. It may contribute to one or many of these conditions:

  • Endocarditis: When infection spreads through a bloodstream to the inner lining of the heart, known as endocardium.
  • Cardiovascular disease: Many researchers believe that some of the cardiovascular diseases are a result of oral infections as well.
  • HIV/AIDS: Problems like mucosal lesions are found to be common between people infected with HIV/AIDS.

Protection and care

To protect your teeth and to maintain good overall health, it is necessary to take certain steps towards practicing oral hygiene every day. With advanced dentistry procedures and dental implant techniques, it is easy to take good care of your teeth in Cary NC, Apex NC and Preston Cary. These can be:

  • Brushing your teeth, twice, daily.
  • Flossing.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Time gap between meals and eating a balanced diet.
  • Replacing toothbrush every four months and scheduling regular oral checkups.

Dentistry From The Heart

Aching tooth, cavities or sore gums, should only mean a quick trip to the dentist to fix the painful problem. Unfortunately, many adults who suffer from dental problems, bear with it silently with the aide of over the counter pills as their medical insurance policies do not cover dental treatments. This silent suffering gave rise to a unique non-profit organization – Dentistry from the Heart (DFTH). This organization provides free dental care to those who require it.

In Cary, NC for the past four years, dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and volunteers have come together and organize Dentistry from the Heart events. This yearly camp is open to people living in Cary, NC or nearby towns.

Dentistry from the Heart offers free dental care to any person over the age of 18. The only conditions to this event are – patients are treated on a first come first service basis and the clinic will last between 7 am to 5 pm. During these hours any person can come and get their aching tooth fixed.

Till date, the Dentistry from the Heart event has treated over 500 adults. Any person interested in attending is advised to wear weather appropriate clothing and carry food and water as the event is held out doors.


How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix Crooked Teeth

Do you hesitate to smile because of crooked teeth? Then, a visit to Dr. Mann, a cosmetic dentist in Cary NC, can bring a smile to your face. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is now possible to get rid of your crooked teeth and replace them with a million dollar smile through the wizardry of cosmetic dentistry. Here are a few highlights of the process.

When you approach a cosmetic dentist to fix your crooked teeth, you will be advised to go in for porcelain veneers. How are these placed in your mouth? For starters, your original teeth will be slightly shaved off. When the teeth are prepared, thin porcelain veneers are placed and fixed on top of them to give you the perfect smile.

The advantages of going for porcelain veneers are plenty. For one, your cosmetic dentist can give you a winning smile in just two sittings. The results are instantaneous and if carried out by an established cosmetic dentist, the veneers can transform your entire look for the better. The veneers are also a permanent fix for your problem as the teeth will be rooted and will have little chance to move.

Please contact us today to learn more about fixing your crooked teeth and brightening your smile.


The Benefits of Dental Implants

Many times, when there is no way to save a tooth or if teeth are missing, your dentist might advise you to consider a dental implant. What is a dental implant and what are the benefits? Here is some more information.

No one likes the idea of losing teeth. There was a time when if you lost teeth, there was nothing you could do about it. Can you imagine how you would look, if you didn’t have your two front teeth? Dental implants save us from that agony. A dental implant is an artificial tooth, placed in the space left by the original teeth. Dental implants are stable, strong and they work like your natural tooth.

Dental implants are placed in the abutment with screws. The screw is actually the dental implant (the artificial tooth is called a crown). Unlike other solutions for damaged teeth, dental implants are built to last. A traditional bridge may last for up to 7 years (with proper care and attention maybe ten years). While you may have to periodically adjust a dental implant, they can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are an important aspect of cosmetic dentistry. Recent advancements in dental technology have made it possible to create safer and long lasting dental implants. There are many Raleigh dental clinics where this procedure is done. Please visit your nearest Cary NC or Raleigh dental clinic to learn more.


Tooth-friendly Treats to Give Kids

Everyone is familiar with the basics of oral health and you would expect your dentist in Cary or Apex NC to warn you off giving your kids sweet treats that could damage their teeth. So when it comes to treats for the kids, what is permissible and what should you steer clear of? Are there any tooth-friendly treats at all?

Here are some ideas for treats for the young ones, which get a nod of approval from the most discerning family dentistry specialists in Cary, Apex NC and beyond.

Juicy apples are a great treat that kids love and that really get the salivary glands going, keeping your gums and teeth moist and bacteria free. The vitamins in them don’t hurt either, say specialists at Raleigh Dental centers.

Calcium rich dairy products that don’t have any added sugar are also a great idea. Cheese and yogurt tick all the taste boxes for kids and are a good source of tooth-friendly nutrients too.

Tangy kiwi fruit is packed with Vitamin C which is good for your gums and staving off gum disease.

Whole grain snacks and whole grain pasta are kid-friendly treats that come loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins to keep those little pearly whites nice and strong.

Cary dental clinics say that with a little care and a good dental regimen – like ensuring the kids rinse after snacks and sugary drinks – you might even be able to indulge their sweet cravings.

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